“I realize that when I met you at the turkey curry buffet, I was unforgivably rude, and wearing a reindeer jumper.”

In the past week, I’ve made recipes on either side of a New York Times clipping from last November.

The Dining & Wine section of the Times is really more about eating out (“dining”) than it is about cooking, much to my chagrin, but I need to remind myself that they do publish good recipes—buried underneath an avalanche of articles about how hard it is to get reservations at Momofuku Whatever and trendy bartenders and $40 burgers and other things that have very little to do with me, standing in my kitchen, staring down a raw chicken.


The first recipe was for kale pesto with butternut squash. I think it’s the reason we have the clipping in the first place—Jay was reading the paper at my mom’s last Thanksgiving and expressed an interest in the recipe, which I secretly thought sounded a little weird and maybe too “I shop at the farmer’s market!”-y.

I was wrong. It’s a very good recipe, with a lot of strong flavors in the pesto that meld nicely with the roasted butternut squash. Don’t skip the squash—it makes the dish. I didn’t include lemon juice either of the two times I prepared this, and I don’t think I would. It seems unnecessary and possibly bad. Like I said, strong flavors already.

When I looked up the second recipe to post the link here, I had what my mom would call a “dawn breaks at Marblehead” moment: of course this is a Mark Bittman recipe. It’s for curry using leftover Thanksgiving turkey, and Bittman suggests using a mix of spices rather than premixed curry powder. True to the meaning of curry, and quick and easy to prepare.

We had the turkey curry for lunch last Saturday using the Thanksgiving leftovers my mom sent me back with and ended up with leftovers of the leftovers. As they say on Epicurious, “My boyfriend loved this! Will definitely make again.”

Only I can spell “definitely,” and most people on the internet can’t.


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