Back-of-the-box cooking

Spaghettiville Bridge/Photo by Flickr user pag2525 used under a Creative Commons license

I have a soft spot for recipes from the back of the box. They tend to be earnest and straightforward—never anything too difficult or unconventional—and seem to me to represent a kind of cheerful, all-American “you can do it!” approach to cooking. Sort of like Rosie the Riveter, only in your kitchen, and lives are … Continue reading

“You gonna put frosting on that?”

-Jay, with a skeptical eye on a freshly baked applesauce spice cake. On Friday I made a public threat on Facebook, about a baking marathon, that I didn’t really make good on over the weekend. I did bake one cake, an old favorite Real Simple recipe for applesauce spice cake. You can swap out the … Continue reading